My Blogging Experience…

“Blogging?” “Wait, you want me to create and write a blog?” Those were some of my first thoughts upon embarking on my blogging journey. I was nervous, at first, but soon became at ease. If I had to describe my blogging experience in one word, I would say FREEDOMblogging

Blogging gave me creative freedom to express myself, give my opinions on hot topics and current events and expose others to information and knowledge they may have never had exposure to. What was truly unexpected, was the fact that I learned a great deal of information myself. I visited other blogs, I researched countless new sites and entertainment blogs. I also paid closer attention to television broadcasts and current events. I’ve always participate in these sorts of outlets, but I listened in a different way, I listened for different reasons. Sometimes I would find myself writing down hot topics or events that sparked my interests.

My experience with blogging was also similar to diary or journal writing. I found myself writing about things that I enjoyed or was passionate about. Often times I would find myself debating on whether a chosen topics was too sensitive or too controversial or just plain boring! I would ask my family and friends how they felt about my topics this way I would have an idea what my readers think as well. And I have to admit, once I nailed down a topic, everything else fell into place….just like writing in a diary.


Blogging2Throughout my blogging experience, I would find myself with a topic that really interested me but I didn’t know how much information was “out there.” Although I didn’t use it often, Netvibes was a good source for this sort of searching. To be honest, Netvibes probably had too much information (if there is such a thing!). Whenever I would enter my blog topic, lots of information would populate. Some of the information would be relevant, some would not. I found Netvibes to be a good source just to see if my topics were “hot” meaning “are my topics relevant amongst others right now”. I could also use this dashboard to find contrasting opinion to my own. It is better to have too much information than too little when looking for background on a blog topic.

I will have to admit that blogging did take a lot of time. I’ve seen blogs where someone literally just wrote what they were thinking and never looked back. I really took my time with choosing topics, researching and actually writing my blog. I really wanted a reader to come to my blog, get a sense of my identity, see what I was passionate about and actually learn something new. This takes time, several hours, sometimes several hours a day. Being that blogs are very personal(they are YOUR thoughts and opinions), I wanted to take my time and make sure that I really conveyed my thoughts properly. I mean, if I’m going to write, it better be good!

As previously mentioned, blogging was a new experience for me but a good experience. I definitely have a newfound respect for avid bloggers! It is HARD work but can be very fulfilling and rewarding.


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