Is this grade school or the Grammys?

grammys-2013The Grammys is usually music’s biggest night, featuring top artists from Beyonce to Paul McCartney, but this year the newly enforced dress code has taking the award. For the past few years, one could argue that the Grammys has been just as much about fashion as music, if not more about fashion than music. Major networks, like E! News and CBS, host multiple hours of red carpet shows to showcase what the big stars are wearing to the night’s event.

Let’s take it back to the Grammys in 2000. I’m sure that we all can remember Jennifer Lopez (or J. Lo then)’s barley-there, blue and green Versace dress, right? How could you forget it? The dress made headlines across the world and became a star of its own. Diddy couldn’t take his eyes off her and neither could million of others! imagesOther stars, like Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Pink, have made some daring fashion choices as well. The Grammys has finally had enough. While watching Good Morning America, I was fairly surprised to find out that CBS announced a new dress code that will be enforced during tonight’s show. CBS, hosting network of the Grammys, does not want to see fleshy under curves, buttocks, thong-type costumes or the sides of breasts along with a host of other things. Yes, they actually said these things in a mass email sent to attendees and performers. Take a look at the video regarding the slightly ridiculous dress code.

What’s the problem you ask? Well for me, I’m curious. Why now, after 40 years, has CBS decided to enforce this dress code? I also find it quite interesting that this dress code directly affects women, men are pretty much safe here. It is very rare that you will find a man with side boob or fleshy under curves showing. Has CBS become sexist and super conservative? Have women lost their ability to be creative with fashion or their personal style? Have they lost their ability to wear what makes them feel beautiful?

Trust me, I wouldn’t be caught dead in some of the flesh-baring outfits worn to the Grammys but who am I to say that Rihanna or Lady Gaga can’t wear it? I can understand the concerns of parents or personal viewing preferences, however, if you a worried about your children viewing it or you find it personally offensive, simply don’t watch it. It’s your personal choice to watch and its the stars’ personal choice to wear what they want. Dress codes seem more appropriate at school, or weddings or formal events. But the Grammys? No. This is a time when the star’s should really bring it, show who they are and if that involves a little leg, who cares? I mean, Vegas is a city built on a little leg and side boob, I’m sure the Grammys will survive.

grammy-nominations-garticleMy eyes will be glued to the TV tonight to see if the big-time celebrities follow the new rules or decide to be daring and break them. I mean, CBS never talked about consequences. Everyone can’t be as modest as Taylor Swift but my advice to the artist, “Express Yourself!” Yes, I had to end with a Madonna reference.

Just for fun…what do you think of the new dress code at Grammys? Ridiculous? All for it? Don’t really care?

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